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The League of Northwest Whitewater Racers is an all-volunteer group of paddlers in the Pacific Northwest. Under the auspices of the American Canoe Association, USA Canoe&Kayak, and the Washington Kayak Club, the League organizes wildwater races as well as races and training clinics in whitewater slalom. Come and join us!


The Latest Pacific Northwest Racing News & Results


Fall Cedar River Slalom/Downriver Practice & Races - November 5 and 6

Washington Kayak Club Presents the last event in the 2022 NW Whitewater Cup Series!
Open to all whitewater boats, open canoes, plastic kayaks, slalom kayaks and canoes, K-2's, and IK's.

                                              RESULTS (corrected): HERE


Trip Report 

Despite the dire weather forecast for the weekend of the 2022 Fall Cedar Slalom, we had a sunny day on Saturday and no rain on Sunday!  Whoo-hoo!!  As if that wasnít enough, we also had 500 cfs both days.  A whitewater dream come true.  Thank You to the City of Seattle Public Utilities, the Washington Kayak Club, Race Director, Bob Duffner (and co-directors, Jennie Goldberg and Dawn Meekhof), as well as the volunteers who worked on building and fixing the slalom course. 

On Saturday about 40 paddlers in all kinds of boats were out on the water enjoying an excellent and creative course designed by Jacob Selander.  The majority of paddlers this weekend were in their plastic kayaks, and it was great to see so many new to Slalom and loving it.  There was also a handful of open boats, too. Hooray! Since all other rivers in the area had way too much water, the Cedar was clearly the place to be. 

Sundayís race went smoothly to the satisfaction of Race Director Bob Duffner and co-Directors Jennie Goldberg and Dawn Meekhof.  The 35 paddlers racing were all smiles.   But of course, the day was not without excitement, including some swims and gate missing and gate bashing, but, hey, thatís what itís all about!   Listed here are some interesting and notable facts from the weekend:

-   TTwelve junior paddlers ranging in age from 9 to 17 competed.  A PNW record.  Five came from Chilliwack, British Columbia, and 5 from Oregonís eNRG Kayak school.

-   KKira Andrews , age 13 was only 1 second behind her Mother

-   TThe second fastest boat of the day was 14 years old: Hayden McGowan

-   TThe fastest boat of the day was Shawn Smith

-   TThe fastest woman was Jennie Goldberg, who was 4th overall.

-   RRufus Knapp from Portland was the only racer with two clean runs!

-   JJulie Alsberge even made the journey from Grants Pass, Oregon, for her first Washington slalom race

It was so much fun, stay tuned to the WKC Events page and/or Facebook for a potential Pop-Up race this winter and for a group work-out/paddle on any random weekend.  Every Wednesday at 2:30 is also a plan to meet on the Cedar gates.   Come join us!

Photos were taken by Richard Ivey who was there all weekend for his annual ďpractice taking photos of whitewater kayaking!Ē and can be found here. You can copy and download them from the links.  If you want photos without his watermark, just contact him at rgivey61@gmail.com

 Saturday  https://www.rgi-images.com/Galleries/Athletics/Kayaking/Cedar-River-20221105/

 Sunday https://www.rgi-images.com/Galleries/Athletics/Kayaking/Cedar-River-20221106/

The 61st Anniversary of Washington Kayak Club's FABULOUS Slalom la Sac Slalom Race held June 4-5, 2022

was made more fabulous by higher than "normal" flows

due to a deluge of rain that made Noah's flood look like a drizzle.

These images were taken by James Wakeling - click the thumbnail to make them bigly.

SLS 2022 Race info HERE or HERE.

Results are HERE or HERE


Noah's Flood Comes to Salmon la Sac?

The 61st annual Washington Kayak Club sponsored Salmon la Sac (aka. Bottoms-Up Regatta) whitewater races were held on the Cle Elum River, Saturday-Sunday, June 2-3, 2022 during numerous intermittent heavy downpours that had boaters wondering if Noah's Flood had indeed arrived for a second go-around. From Thursday afternoon when course set-up began until Sunday when course deconstruction was complete it rained inches of Northwest "sunshine" and the river's flow nearly doubled from 2600 CFS to 4600 CFS. The river level made for a challenging course but racers only saw that as ramping up the fun a notch or two. 

The downriver race on Saturday from the top of the slalom course to French Creek road bridge set some record times for the array of boat types as there was no long slog at the end.  Other paddlers elected for the group river run instead and spent quite a bit of time at the awesome surf wave part-way down the course. 

Helping build the slalom course, designed by Jacob Selander, were SLS course setter-uppers Dawn Meekhof, Victor Kress, Bob Duffner, Marc Leonard, Rufus Knapp, Jacob Selander, Karl Guntheroth, and Jim Good.  This was a team well-versed in working under adverse sunshine conditions so they saw the rain not as an added impediment but as a welcome change from the norm. Wires were hung for a total of 21 gates with the lower part of the course seeing some challenging moves where the boiling whirlpools and swirlies kept paddlers fighting to keep their boats upright and flat past the finish line under the campground access bridge. There was the expected carnage at this lower part of the course providing much competition for the coveted "Tip-over Trophy."  When the river continued to rise on Sunday, our course designer came up with an easier course option, Course A, so most everyone could participate.

SLS Trophy winners included: 

Fastest boat:  Marcel Potocny and Shaun Smith tied

Fastest Woman:  Boo Turner

Best Run by Someone New to Slalom:  Kirk Tickell

Tip-Over Trophy:  Lucas Nelson

Cutest Dog:  Ethel (owner:  Dane Anderson)

OC-1:  Marc Leonard

Fastest Junior:  Hayden McGowan

Full results can be found

Prizes this year were 12 ounce drinking glasses with a beautifully rendered and colorful sticker of  jumping salmon. Course Set-up crew devoured a full batch of chocolate chip cookie bars and Katie provided race day refreshments to competitors and their friends.

The annual Clive Lister Memorial Toast was hosted by the race director in Campsite #2 on Saturday night. This is an event that allows us all to not only remember the passing of slalom race enthusiast and promoter, Clive Lister, but all the other boaters who have passed away over the years.

The Salmon la Sac slalom race is a fun, family-oriented, annual tradition sponsored by the Washington Kayak Club. It has been held the first full weekend of June since 1961, making it the longest continuous slalom race in the world. Mark your calendars for next year because 2023 is going to be a great time!


Bull Run 2022 results HERE

Record turn-out and record warm temperatures for the best 2022 Spring Cedar Slalom Race ever!

Spring Cedar Race results HERE (PDF) or HERE (Numbers)

Spring Cedar Race video by Kanako Iwata-Eng

Kyleís blog post about the spring cedar 2022 race:


Also, see our Facebook page for Jacobís pics and story about the race!



April 2-3, 2022 Bull Run, Oregon, Slalom info HERE

March 26-27, 2022 Spring Cedar Slalom Race info HERE

Final    2022 Whitewater Race Schedule

Reservations as of May 20 are filled. Get there early to get your non-reserved campsite!!!!!

Campsite reservations for the Salmon La Sac race are open and are going FAST! Trust us, there's even more demand this year. To make your reservation go to  https://www.recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/232094

Race Headquarters has reserved Campsite 002.  It would be great if sites on either side are full of racers, so make your reservation now!

The Clive Lister annual toast will be in site 002


The Chilliwack Slalom course was destroyed by the November flooding. 
 If you can, please support their "Build Back Better" campaign.

The Cedar course is fortunately in good shape.  We'll be back out there "Training" as soon as the level drops.  Stay tuned.  And the Bend crowd has been training into the winter months. http://www.nwwhitewater.org/training.htm


New! Zastera Clipper Wildwater Boat For Sale. Info HERE.


Cedar Whitewater Races November 6-7, 2021 Results!

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