2007 WKC Nooksack Race

The wonderful, Mighty, annual Washington Kayak Club Nooksack Slalom race is the weekend of October 6 and 7. Last chance for Cup Points for 2007!!! Be there, or be Square.

We will be hanging wires on Friday October 5th and we need help! If there are not enough volunteers, then it will have to be postponed until Saturday morning. Gates will go up Saturday AM as soon as the wires are hung. The race is Sunday and the Racer's Meeting will be at 9:30 am. We usually finish early ~4:00.

There will be a Downriver Sprint event late on Saturday afternoon, if there's enough interest.

Please, if you're free Friday come early!! We'll start around 12:00.

The race is held on the North Fork of the Nooksack River at the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest Douglas Fir Campground. The Campground is on the Mount Baker Highway about 3 miles past the town of Glacier. We rent the campground for the race (it's closed to the general public), so you can stay there Friday night and Saturday night.

Race fees will be $15 plus $10 for insurance if you are not a current ACA or Washington Kayak Club member that has paid their ACA dues.
Camping fee is $10 per car for the weekend.

Regarding flows. It's always something to think about for the Nooksack as the River is very flashy. If you're coming from out of the area, I would check the link below and weather forecast. If there is a big heavy rain predicted throughout the entire weekend, you might want to think twice about the drive.

We will hold the race if the predicted flows are between ~ 400 to 1,500 cfs. At low water it's a bumpy class 2. Ideal is around the 750 cfs range. High is 1,200 cfs. >2,000 cfs it is too big to hold the race.

Don't be fooled by high water caused by rain just before the weekend. We have had big rains on Friday - Saturday day, with no rain on Sunday and river has dropped to high but very fun water levels by the race.

Below is a link showing current water levels and forecasted. It does forecast pretty well for rain events.


An e-mail will be sent out Thursday morning 10/4 around 9:00 to confirm whether we will hold or cancel the race. In addition, an update will be posted on the NW League of Whitewater Racers web site for any race updates by Thursday at 12:00 noon http://www.nwwhitewater.org/. You can call Bob Duffner the race director before Friday ~9:00 am at 206-979-2853. After that, he will not have cell phone reception.

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