2007 Northwest Cup Whitewater Race Schedule

Downriver events are held on Saturday and include both a sprint and a classic.
The Slalom Races are held on Sunday with the course open for practice on Saturday.

1. Cedar River slalom and downriver results

2. Rich Weiss Cup slalom and downriver results

3. PGE Bull Run slalom and downriver results

4. Salmon La Sac slalom and downriver

5. Chilliwack River #2 slalom

6. Clackamas River slalom Results August 25, 26
near Estacada Oregon class II
Carl Poston (cposton@iinet.com)
- a new race set on easier rapids on the Clackamas at low water (700 cfs) and to include open canoers

7. Nooksak River Slalom Results - October 6,7
Douglas Fir Campground on Mt. Baker, near Glacier, WA. Class II+ -III
Bob Duffner (Duffner.R@portseattle.org)

Northwest Slalom Cup points will be awarded for the best five of seven results. If one race is cancelled, the Cup points will be awarded as best 4 of the 6 results.

Downriver Cup points will be awarded separately to wildwater boats and recreational or slalom boats. Points will be awarded based on the total of all the races. If there are enough participants, final Downriver Cup awards will be divided between sprint events and classic events in addition to an overall winner.

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Other Races and Events

Down the Green River - April 28
Palmer, WA class II-III (Headworks section)
Tom Wier wierc1@yahoo.com

Skykomish Downriver Race - May 12
classic only, below Boulder Drop to Big Eddy class III+
Tom Wier

Blackfoot Challenge '07 - June 23-24
11 mile down river race, Boatercross, giant slalom, and slalom race in Missoula, Montana on the Blackfoot River.
For more information, go to:   www.canoerack.com
or call Ben at 406.251.0040 info@canoerack.com

Downriver Classic on the Nooksak Canyon - July 21
class II-III
Rich Roehner (roehners@comcast.net) 360-715-3121

Skagit Sprints Downriver - August 4
class III
Rich Roehner 360-715-3121 (roehners@comcast.net)

Skagit Classic and Half-Marathon Downriver Races - September 22
class III and class II- Rich Roehner 360-715-3121 (roehners@comcast.net)

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