1st Annual Skagit Wildwater Marathon!
Sat. Sept.22,2007


As promised it is time for the first annual Skagit Wildwater Marathon this Saturday 9/22…meeting at 10 am in the Marblemount area Parking lot over the Skagit bridge along the mighty Skagit (only real water flowing now!). From the meeting place we will drive up (leaving by 10:20am sharp) river to the put-in at the Goodel Put-in just short of Newhalem. Along the way we will stop and look at S-Bends and identify the mid race stopping points (see below).


Race Description:

  • ~11:30am start from Goodell Put-in for the “Classic” race down to just above S-Bends Rapid. This is Class III-, II+
  • Rest ~10 minutes in an Eddy (to be identified on the drive up!) Then start a “Sprint” run through Class III S-Bends ending at the bottom eddy (also identified in the drive up!)
  • Eat/Rest ~ 30 minutes, Then Start a final Marathon leg back down to Marblemount….Probably finish by around 2 pm.
  • Drive back get cars/people/boats left along the way (if you do not want to paddle the whole distance we can drop cars midway) and then to the local Buffalo Burger establishment where the overall “winner” time wise gets their burger paid for by me the “pseudo race director”.
  • We should be done by 4 or 5pm


All legs are Self timed (we will group sinc watches to help you keep yourself honest) and no race bibs, no fees, and no insurance. We are stopping at S-Bends to help any one who wipes out in the rapid (fair chance) in a group run of the rapid…we’ll space ourselves out enough to avoid collision problems but have folks close enough to see if someone needs help.


This pseudo race is intended to get folks out in Wildwater boats on moving water (where the fun is!). Anyone needing to borrow a Wildwater boat please call me (360 715-3121) – we do have some to loan that day.


Thanks….Rich Roehner

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